How to begin

Usually, we begin by arranging an initial meeting this will enable us both to decide whether we would like to work together. It is essential to find a counsellor you feel comfortable with and can connect with this will give your counselling the best start.

During our first meeting, I will invite you to share what has been happening in your life, what is on your mind, what is bothering you. I offer a kind, confidential conversation. I will not criticise, interrupt, or judge as you share a little about your story and experiences. The counselling relationship is unique because you are supported you to say exactly how you feel without worrying about the impact on others, or someone’s feelings.

If you decide you would like to continue, we can arrange to meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis, usually on a regular day of the week. However, I’m mindful that life has commitments and restraints. I will do my best to accommodate individual situations.

If we feel that my counselling is not what you need or might be looking for, I will do my best to find alternative support that might be helpful for you.