Why & How Counselling Might Help

Occasionally things can feel difficult in life. I offer a kind conversation a safe space to share your concerns problems or worries, this can really help you to feel less burdened. Eventually, our conversations together may help to consider circumstances and situations in other ways. Helping empower you to respond and think differently.

It feels important to share that there is no right or wrong way when considering the number of sessions, you may need, but usually, short-term counselling generally ranges from 6 to 12 sessions some people come back for short-term work several times, as this is what works best for them.

Also, people do come along for just one meeting just to see if counselling might feel helpful, there is no expectation to continue, no obligation to enter counselling if it doesn’t feel a good fit for you.

More than 12 sessions or longer ongoing sessions are often referred to as “Open-ended counselling”.

It may be from the very beginning of their sessions, that people become aware that they want to enter counselling a little longer than 6 or 12 weeks, maybe past experience has brought some realisation they feel they want to commit to ongoing sessions,   these are usually weekly or fortnightly appointments depending on individual need.

It can be helpful to think of counselling or therapy as layers. People can feel satisfied working on just the top layer – or be curious to journey into their deeper layers. This is always down to personal choice. Its not always possible to be sure how many sessions may help but we can think about this together.
There are of course issues that have been around for some time, or maybe there is a recognised pattern that feels deeply ingrained. These can feel a struggle to change and often a few sessions are not enough, there needs to be a little more time.

Also, counselling can help us to understand and make sense of things that seem to keep happening to us or within our relationships.  Exploring the roots of why we are the way we are, can provide a deeper insight, and its this awareness and understanding can leave people freer to embrace their future.