Why & How Counselling Might Help

Occasionally things can feel difficult in life. I offer a kind conversation a safe space to share your concerns problems or worries, this can really help you to feel less burdened. Eventually, our conversations together may help to consider circumstances and situations in other ways. Helping empower you to respond and think differently.

It can be helpful to think of counselling or therapy as layers. People can feel satisfied working on just the top layer – or be curious to journey into their deeper layers, but this is always down to personal choice and maybe not always known in the beginning.

Sometimes life events such as loss or possibly change, can bring to the surface issues that have been around for some time, but for so many reasons, thoughts and feelings kept within ourselves often because we are unsure how to talk about them. Counselling can help to understand and make sense of these situations and experience’s why they keep happening to us or within our relationships. Exploring the roots of why we are the way we are, can provide a deeper insight, and it’s this awareness and understanding can leave people freer to embrace their future.